Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These ARE The Droids I've Been Looking For!

For a long time now, I've been in love with open source. Every time I start looking around for a new computing tool or discover a new application, I usually find some tie-in to open source. I wonder if it's something like The Secret -- "like attracts like" -- in that I've been exposed to open source for so long all I see is open source.

But I digress, often.

These are exciting times for technology lovers like myself. For the first time in history, we can carry almost the sum of all knowledge in our very hands. Whether it's an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone, smart phones have definitely taken hold. I own two Android phones, and a tablet that has transformed the way I prefer to use computers.

Naturally, I gravitated towards open source once again. Underneath that crisp green Android shell is my beloved Linux kernel, bustling with promise. The iPhone may be the most beautiful phone out there, visually, cohesively, but for the sheer wonder I keep finding amongst my Droids, I'm hooked for life!

My eldest Android, an HTC Desire, is the least capable of the three devices, but still runs well and provides me with texting, reading, entertainment, my calendar and email - I even use it as a phone sometimes! Its internal space is a bit limiting at only 512MB, but I've packed in the most useful apps I could find to suit the way I use the phone (all personal use). The Samsung Galaxy S II is my work-issued phone, with 16GB inside, plus an SD card I have never had to touch but for nandroid backups. The Samsung holds tonnes of apps, and I keep installing new ones just to test out what Android Does. Being in tech, this is useful for when people ask the inevitable "what do you recommend" question.

And then there's the tablet - an Acer A500. I'll admit, not the slickest tablet, but pure Android, and like all my devices, rooted just to ensure I can do as I please with it. Today's wonderment: finding the Blogger app, which took seconds to install and begin writing here once again.

Go ahead tell me an iPad would be better. Tell me to replace either of my Droid phones for any other make. I'll bet you can't convince me.

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