Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ordinary People

You and I, we're not like ordinary people. From my experience, ordinary people don't read blogs, let alone even know what they are.

Ordinary people just want to live their lives, use their computers to keep in touch with friends, scan the news, maybe even do some work -- or play games. A computer is just another tool, the Internet their workshop (or playground) and life is no different for ordinary people than when kids used to play outdoors until after dark and you could leave your doors unlocked at night.

But we, dear readers, are not ordinary people. We know that if you let your guard down, the mainstream media misses the important stories. We know that the e-card cousin Jan sent was actually a virus, and that Bill Gates is not, in fact, tracking your email to send you some of his fortune.

Please, do not bring this post to the attention of ordinary people; it would probably offend their sensibilities. They'll look at you like you have two heads and say, "What the heck was that all about?" Ordinary people get to live their lives in the comfort zone the rest of us allow them. You know who you are, you've come this far.

And if you still think you're an ordinary person, think about me while you're cleaning up after that next virus, or removing spyware embedded so deep it IS the operating system. Ordinary people. Yeah.

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