Friday, November 2, 2007

10 Reasons To Dump Windows

Just learning about Windows Vista? Here are ten reasons not to bother with it. You'll see why it's unnecessary, safer, and more worthwhile to ditch all Windows operating systems. Paraphrased from Microsoft's own site.

Find that file in a few quick clicks1) Find that file in a few quick clicks

You don't need to remember folder names to be organized anymore. Save time by instantly tracking down any document, photo, e-mail message, song, video, file, or program on your PC using Instant Search.

This would be exactly the same kind of search available even in a free Linux distribution. On a Mac it's called Spotlight. If you want pay for a new PC or an upgrade, the Mac would be a good way to go. If you want to keep your existing PC, get a friend to recommend a good distribution of Linux.

See everything you have open at a glance2) See everything you have open at a glance

Lost track of what files and programs you've opened? Flip through all your open files and windows with a simple click of your mouse using Windows Flip 3D—you're just one click away from everything you're working on.

Two words: eye candy. And you can get this kind of thing on (you guessed it) a Mac in spades. The Linux options are coming along nicely, too.

Keep photos organized—and ready to share3) Keep photos organized—and ready to share

Digital photo collection getting out of hand? You don't have to search through folders to track down the ones you want. Now you can tag your photos with a date, keyword, rating, or any label you choose so you can find them quickly and easily in Windows Photo Gallery.

You can also use dozens of free programs to do exactly the same thing on any OS you want.

Create a custom movie without a fine arts degree4) Create a custom movie without a fine arts degree

Making a great home movie just got easier. Use Windows Movie Maker to blend videos and photos into a rich movie, complete with your own soundtrack, titles, and credits.

Several free options exist that are adequate for this task on Linux and other free OSes. If you're really serious though, get a Mac.

Keep track of your music—and play it anywhere5) Keep track of your music—and play it anywhere

The larger your collection of digital music grows, the harder it can be to organize and keep track of it. But now you can easily scroll, flip, browse through, and play your entire music library in Windows Media Player 11.

And you can do the same with iTunes, or RhythmBox, or Banshee, or Amarok, or... You get the picture. Plus, any of the open source options tend to play more formats with less fuss.

Surf multiple waves of the web at once6) Surf multiple waves of the web at once

Like to jump from website to website? Satisfy your appetite for multitasking without having to open several browser windows. You can open multiple webpages in one window and easily click between them with the tabbed browsing feature in Internet Explorer 7—plus, you can see thumbnail images of all your open webpages at a glance with Quick Tabs.

Quick Tabs aside, sounds like Opera, Firefox, Safari and most other browsers that have had these kinds of features -- secure, stable and tested -- for a long time now. Avoid ActiveX!

Record and watch TV on your time7) Record and watch TV on your time

Watch TV on your own schedule—not the TV networks' schedule. If your PC has a TV tuner, you can record, watch, and pause live television on your desktop or mobile PC using Windows Media Center.

I haven't tried this on a Mac, but I'm guessing OS X has a feature or two that will handle this task. For Linux, check this Linux Media Center video out.

Bring your TV and PC together—and take home entertainment to a new level8) Bring your TV and PC together—and take home entertainment to a new level

Tired of huddling around the PC for entertainment? Connect your PC to one or more televisions in your home using a Windows Media Center Extender like Xbox 360, and enjoy all your digital entertainment on the big screen—from photo slideshows, home videos, and digital music to live and recorded TV shows and movies.

Did you watch the video in the last point?

Keep the things you need most at your fingertips9) Keep the things you need most at your fingertips

No need to open a web browser to check traffic and weather, open a calculator to add up a few numbers, or open an application to see your calendar. Now you can put mini-applications called gadgets right on your desktop, where you can see and use them whenever the mood strikes. Just use the Windows Sidebar pane to store and organize your favourite gadgets.

Okay, but what if you have a web browser open, or a word processor? This is stuff on your Desktop, folks. If you have nothing open, it's nice eye candy, but if you open a single app, usually this kind of thing gets covered up. Of course, it looks nice, so screenlets, desklets and other names fill the bill anywhere but Windows.

Help your kids stay safer10) Help your kids stay safer

Worried about your kids' computer use—or what they may encounter online? Now you can set boundaries on what your kids can do on the PC to give them a safer experience, using the centralized Parental Controls in Windows Vista. You can even restrict games and websites based on your family's values.

Plus, you can better protect your PC and your personal information, as well as your family, with built-in security tools like Windows Defender and anti-spam and phishing filters.

Mac has Parental Controls, too. In fact, OS X had them first. Linux takes a different approach: there are many tools out there for securing your child's Internet experience you way; block what you want blocked, and only install what you want your child to use. As for antivirus, antispyware, anti-spam, phishing, etc.? That's largely a Windows problem. Mac and Linux don't experience anything remotely close -- they have an actual security model to follow.

Well, if you aren't convinced by now, here's reason eleven: get your credit card out.


Anonymous said...

I have only one reason why i wouldn't dump Windows. All of my office printers work with it. Linux? Pfffttt! And it's the only reason that matters.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:
I have only one reason why i wouldn't dump Windows. All of my office printers work with it. Linux? Pfffttt! And it's the only reason that matters

In the office, where I work, we have approx. 70-90 printers which works flawlessly with many Linux flavours (RH8,RH9,CentOS4.x, CentOS5.x, RHEL4.x RHEL5.x, PCLinuxOS 1.0) and MS WIN98,2K,XP

michuk said...

Here is another 10 reasons to dump Windows (XP, but probably applies to Vista even to a bigger extent):

Anonymous said...

Brother All-In-One Laser/Copier/Scanner

My new Brother All-In-One Laser/Copier/Scanner loaded up (easier) than Windoze XP, and works flawlessly.

Whoever fixed the Linux printer problems did a good job. I didn't even have to install any drivers (unlike Windoze XP).

Linux rocks!

opensourceexpat said...

Using Ubuntu 7.10 is pure joy with automatic printer installation on my HP AIO and Laserjet 1020. Two years running Ubuntu is my only system. Productivity increased after leaving MS for good.

Anonymous said...

"I have only one reason why i wouldn't dump Windows. All of my office printers work with it. Linux? Pfffttt! And it's the only reason that matters."

I recently purchased an HP PhotoSmart 3210 from Woot. It came with an optional bluetooth adapter. Imagine my surprise when I was able to print to this HP printer (via bluetooth!) using CUPS on Linux (Kubuntu 7.04). Later, with a traditional wired ethernet connection to the printer and after having installed the ~phenomenal~ HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing) software, I was even more suprised to find that I could scan from this network attached printer (something I could only do with a locally attached printer in the past).

Printing is something where Linux has grown immeasurabely in recent years. Printing in Linux rocks.

AJ Boulton said...

I have alot of reasons why to dunp windows. One is adwear and spywear linux does not have and viruses a well. Linux runs much faster than Windows and more relayable than windows. There are no blue screens of death like windows.

Anonymous said...

You all appear to miss the point that all of those features built in to windows xp or vista are add-ons for other OS'es for your average user its unnecessary, i use both linux and windows and a mac also (which is suffering logic board issues! argh!) but my windows machine is stable, never crashes, is IMO more feature rich than OSX and easier to install use programs than linux. linux has come a long way and no doubt will improve much further, but to replace windows? not for a long time. (at least for the home user)